Pictures of our equipment.  Click on the picture for a larger view.

laser.jpg (42130 bytes)
Amada LCE-655 Laser/Optical Vision System Press Integrator

vipros358auto.jpg (33594 bytes)
Amada CNC Punch VIPROS King 358 with auto load/unload system

vipros358.jpg (35253 bytes)
Amada CNC Punch VIPROS King 358

octo.jpg (35224 bytes)
Amada CNC Punch OCTO 334

rg100.jpg (30315 bytes)
Amada Press Brake RG100/NC9EX Back Gauge (x2)

rg80.jpg (31780 bytes)
Amada Press Brake RG80/NC9EX Back Gauge

rg35.jpg (31483 bytes)
Amada Press Brake RG35/NC9EX Back Gauge

roundo.jpg (28972 bytes)
Roundo AB IP/120/6 72" X 10GA MS Power Roll

timesaver.jpg (29093 bytes)
Timesaver Metal Wet Finishing/Deburring Machine #137-2HDOMW

shear.jpg (30819 bytes)
Amada Mechanical Shear M2545

cornershear.jpg (23792 bytes)
Amada CSHW-220 Corner Shear

coldsaw.jpg (35214 bytes)
Scotchman CPO 350LT Cold Saw

arc300.jpg (25767 bytes)
Thermal ARC 300 GTSW Welder (x3)

miller.jpg (28397 bytes)
Miller SYNCROWAVE 350/351 Welder (x7)

mmatic.jpg (25277 bytes)
Millermatic 200/250/CP-300 MIG Welder (x3)

spot75.jpg (22195 bytes)
75 KVA Spot Welder

spot.jpg (31840 bytes)
150 KVA Spot Welder

traktrm.jpg (33426 bytes)
Trak TRM Milling Machine/PROTOTRAK MX2

okuma.jpg (27585 bytes)
Okuma Cadet-Mate Machining Center

bsqc.jpg (22234 bytes)
Brown and Sharp Reflex 454 Coordinate Measuring Machine

hwmach.jpg (26164 bytes)
Hardware Machine


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